"Ney's conclusion is a series of palpable hits that elevate the production." - Justin Shaltz, Shakespeare Reviews, The Comedy of Errors

"The entire cast seemed caught in Richard's fearsome grip, and chilling images of mayhem...director Chuck Ney kept us in dread throughout." Robert Faires, the Austin Chronical, Richard III

"Ney's decision to set the play in an undisclosed third world country, presumably Africa, is a bold but smart choice...Clearly this man is an expert at what he does" - Jeff Davis, Broadwayworld.com, Richard III

"Chuck Ney's As You Like It served both as showcase and satisfying entertainment." - Austin Live Theatre, As You Like It

​"Play's debut was worthy of a medal...It was the most effective curtain call I've experienced in years, so modest yet so wise, much like the rest of this admirable production." - Michael Barnes, Austin American-Statesman, Going After Cacciato

Directing Gallery

Charl​es Ney

"One of the challenges of Macbeth is that we all know the text...but director Charles Ney gave us a surprise in the opening scene." -Austin Live Theatre, Macbeth

"It's tough to do double-takes with single actors, but Ney finds a way to make it work, mining the plays already absurd suspension of disbelief and making the end as theatrically silly as any 'Comedy' deserves." - Julie Kistler, The Pantagraph, The Comedy of Errors


"A Midsummer Night's Dream - It's been many a midsummer night since I've seen this oft-staged play so fresh and rich in meaning. Actors found the music and matter in well-worn lines and depth in too-familiar characters, thanks to the insightful direction of Charles Ney, who also made this comic love fest a valentine to theatre." Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle

​​"Set pieces float gracefully down from the flies, characters emerge from trapdoors, and the surround-sound audio system creates mischief and magic in the space...Even the supporting characters with a tiny number of lines add rich honor to the piece...The physical comedy in this production is great, with a wonderfully rambunctious scene between the star-crossed lovers."  Cate Blouke, Austin American-Statesman

"Director, Charles Ney trusts the material and keeps his student cast from overplaying any scene. This is something of a miracle, because young actors tend to go for the most extreme interpretations in a war play." -Michael Barnes, Austin American Statesman, Going After Cacciato